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 Tamela Foster


Name: Tamela Foster

Age: 42

Division Indoor: Grand Master

Division Outdoors:  Master

Hometown: Birdsboro, PA

Years Competing: 20+


1. Favorite event/race: Sprint Races  (they are short)


2. How/Why did you start racing?: As rehab ... Had a benign bone tumor removed from my leg and was not

allowed to Artistic Skate anymore, but Doc said I could try speed skating.  So here I am today.

3. Who do you most look up to in the skating world? Why?: My coach and husband, Jeff.  

He is an incredible skater. He has stood by me, trained me and has given me the mental

toughness that is needed in not only skating but in life.  His "mind over matter" is

incredible and I only wish someday to be as mentally tough.


4. Goals for the 2007-2008 season: Just to be able to compete and to be competitive this season.


5. Other Hobbies: My Family!!


6. Favorite Quote: "You can DREAM about it or YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!"


7. Achievements/Placements: Several National Placements / Titles / Records


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