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Michael Hart



Name: Michael Hart


Age: 11

Division Indoor: Elementary


Division Outdoors: Advanced Freshman

Hometown: Bethlehem


Years Competing: 3 years

1. Favorite event/race:  42 K NYC / Indoor - Long races


2. How/Why did you start racing?: My stepdad, Ray Stitt started


3. Who do you most look up to in the skating world? Why?: Ray Stitt


4. Goals for the 2010 season: Make it to my finals at Regional's & win the Eastern Seaboard Series races.


5. Other Hobbies: Biking, skateboarding & Dry land training.


6. Favorite Quote: "LIVE STRONG"


7. Achievements/Placements: 2nd place Advanced Freshman boys 42 K NYC, First place Freshman - Eastern Seaboard Series 2009, 1st place Juvenile Boys 2008


8. E-mail address: