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 Keith Carroll Jr.  

Keith Carroll Jr  


Junior Men

 Junior World Class

Honey brook



Elimination Race or 1000m. And of course the Eastern Seaboard Series


 My dad had a second job at a roller rink and I spent all my weekends there (rink rat).

One day I saw the speed team practicing and told my dad I wanted to do that.


My coach, Jeff Foster. He taught me pretty much everything I know,

most importantly: You never necessarily need to be the fastest skater

but you have to use your head and be the smartest,

that sometimes you have to take a second or third place to

be a winner in the long run, And that anyone can win a race

but you aren't a champion until you act like one on and off the floor.

I also would say I look up to the little ones in the sport. The tiny-tots and primary's.

People like Dayton (Ristine) because for them the sport is just fun,

all they do is smile the whole time as the go around in a circle.

Sometimes we all just need to lighten up and learn something from the little guys.


Individual World Medals.

Personal Bests for ice speed skating while continuing to learn and improve.

And to exercise proper nutrition and resting habits.


Music, Football, Basketball, Track.


"We have two options, medically and emotionally: Give up or Fight Like ___." -- Lance Armstrong


7. Achievements/Placements:

17 National Placements Including 7 Gold, 3 Silver, and 7 Bronze (7 Indoor 10 Outdoor)

Back-to-Back National Titles in '06-'07 Sophomore Men's Division

8 National Records, 5 of which are currently standing

2007 Sprint Champion at Outdoor Nationals

2007 USA World Team

2007 Silver World Medalist in the Junior Men's Relay in Cali, Colombia