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 Joie Gates

Name: Joie Gates

Age: 51

Division Indoor: Veteran Ladies & Pro Classic

Division Outdoors:  Advanced Veteran Women

Hometown: Hellertown

Years Competing: 4


1. Favorite event/race: 500m and Veteran 2 Mix Relays


2. How/Why did you start racing?: Because everyone else was. I was horribly slow for years.


3. Who do you most look up to in the skating world? Why?: Our Coach Bob Albanese. He is always thinking about the best

way to train his team. He stands behind us and for us.


4. Goals for the 2007-2008 season: Get low, stay low. Cross going in and coming out. Stay close to the cones.


5. Other Hobbies: Riding my motorcycle


6. Favorite Quote: " Just Do It"


7. Achievements/Placements: A bunch of medals and trophy's from various league meets and Invitational's 


8. Anything else?: It takes a skater to understand a skater.


8. Email address: