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   Skateaway in Bethlehem, Whitehall, & Reading   

 1. The only requirements are that you wear a helmet, shorts, and a t-shirt.

 2. At practices all we ask is that you try your hardest, stay determined, and have a good attitude! We have practices 6 times a week to meet your schedule and we usually participate monthly in various competitions both indoors and outdoors. All of this is in preparation for regional championship, and hopefully nationals if you qualify.

 3. We also welcome anyone that would like to improve their skating technique and overall health, even if you don't wish to compete. We have skaters from ages 3 to 60 + years young on our team, and we invite anyone  looking for a challenge and to have fun come out and give us a try.

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Hayley Tuscai and Kevin Carroll were in an car accident on their way to Northern Michigan University. Kevin Carroll was headed there to take part in the USOEC speed skating program and they were in a car accident. They were taken to the hospital where Hayley was diagnosed with a broken neck. Kevin has been released but Hayley is still in the hospital. Please take time out to pray for them and their family, friends and teams members and everyone touched by this incident. Amenn